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Brumby Cup 2019 - Random Draw

The Brumby Cup is determined by a random draw, pairing up women and men. The pair with the fastest combined time is the winner of the Brumby Cup.

MenTimeWomenTimeCombined time
Will Brake28.450Sarah Brake30.01058.460
Stephen Bygrave28.180Jenny McLeod35.28063.460
Lachlan Herring29.250Jenny McLeod35.28064.530
Mitch Riepon31.180Livvy Moore33.84065.020
James Hansen31.220Alice Cameron34.37065.590
Hamish Cameron33.810Yvette Lejins34.13067.940
Will Herring33.490Amanda East34.49067.980
Paul Kelly31.270Sabina Wilson36.81068.080
Darren Riepon34.970Livvy Moore33.84068.810
Dominic Kelly34.490Alice Cameron34.37068.860
James Gibson35.060Yvette Lejins34.13069.190
Dougal Cameron32.030Lexi Moore39.00071.030
Jason Moore34.070Mirabel Wilson39.20073.270
Emmet Lamb38.180Sabina Wilson36.81074.990
Lachlan Kelly33.780Colleen Turner42.09075.870
Andrew Herring35.160Caroline Walker41.72076.880
Roger Brake38.530Lexi Moore39.00077.530
Jonathan Wilson40.680Mirabel Wilson39.20079.880
Bailey Purvis-Smith37.000Rebecca Tilley46.97083.970
Simon Tilley31.850Judy Lejins111.510143.360